For the last nine years I have been trying to finish the book of my bicycle journey through North America and finally I can say I am done.  Unfortunately it’s prohibitively expensive as it is a self-published 240 page book. It was more for my own sake rather than anyone else’s and hence it is still available to read as always on my website.

I have also uploaded a print version of the book to the Issuu website which makes it available on Ipads and other tablets.  Hope you can check it out in one format or another.

Here are some spreads from the book, you can see more on the Issuu link below.

californiapreview2 californiapreview6 californiapreview12 californiapreview17 californiapreview15 ANABJ-Oregon_blurbNewFonts3 ANABJ-Washington_blurbNewFonts2 ANABJ-Britishcolumbia_blurbNewFonts2 ANABJ-Alaska_blurbNewFonts ANABJ-Alaska_blurbNewFonts10 ANABJ-Montana_blurbNewFonts ANABJ-Alaska_blurbNewFonts13 ANABJ-Montana_blurbNewFonts4 ANABJ-Utah_blurbNewFonts7 ANABJ-Yukon_blurbNewFonts ANABJ-Yukon_blurbNewFonts2 ANABJ-Utah_blurbNewFonts ANABJ-Utah_blurbNewFonts9 ANABJ-Utah_blurbNewFonts11 ANABJ-Mexico_blurbNewFonts6 ANABJ-Mexico_blurbNewFonts20 ANABJ-Appendices_blurbNewFonts