Saw Yeasayer last night at Concorde2, just down the road. Thank God for ear plugs, I say. It was pretty hot again last night at the gig but the air waves generated by the sub-woofer right in front of us kept us cool. The Concorde2 stage was covered entirely by a white sheet, it was almost like seeing them play in a tent and not a club.

Yeasayer concert photography by Brighton Photographer

We saw Yeasayer earlier in the year at Digital. I’ve not enjoyed any of the gigs at Digital because the sound is shite. It was good to see them again and playing in front of a packed crowd, mostly students I reckon. I am really starting to feel my age. It’s festival season of course and the guys admitted it was good to play in front of a crowd that wasn’t out of their minds on drugs and booze.

They’ve really played around with the renditions of their songs a lot since seeing them last; always a good thing in my mind. If I wanted to listen to songs ad verbatim I’d put my ipod on.

Yeasayer live gig photos Brighton

I’m not sure what else to say without falling for my usual “awesome”, “brilliant” comments and hence the reason I am a photographer and not a writer.

Music Photography of Yeasayer review Brighton

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