It’s been a cold couple of days with some pretty nice falls of snow in Brighton. It’s the first time I’ve seen snow actually hang about for a couple of days.

I attemted to make a snowman on the first day, my first one ever and I am in my 30s. I know, I know, a cheated childhood – but that’s what you get when you grow up on a farm in the West Australian wheatbelt with 40+ degree Celsius summers.

My second one looked a bit better as I discovered the rolling snow technique and it sat around headless in my backyard (as I had used up most of the snow on the first one) for almost a week.

It was nice to wander out past Queen’s Park where all the neighbourhood kids (and some dads) were sledding down an embankment. Further up at the racecourse the snow was even thicker and one kid was even setting up a snowboard ramp.

I did try to ride up to Ditchling Beacon, highest point in the Brighton surrounds) but quickly realised the impossibilities of doing it on a touring bike. I made it up there a week later with only a few bruises but wasn’t game to take the camera with me.