It was a late start to our gardening year but it’s nice to have it finally starting to pay off.

The herbs are the easiest to get going but this year because of the cold winter the things we planted earlier suffered. It wasn’t until mid-spring that we finally got some success with all the seedlings we’d planted.

Herbs in our Brighton garden

The tomatoes flowered late. We got a good supply of cherry tomatoes for a few weeks, plus a few big tomatoes but the start of the winter weather put an end to things. They suffered from tomato blight and so had to be put down. Hopefully we will do better next year.

Cherry tomatoes in our Brighton garden

Freshly picked cherry tomatoes from our Brighton garden

Insects in our Brighton garden

Our worm composting is going great as usual. We almost have an over abundance of worms so if anyone local wants a couple of handfuls let us know. We started making worm juice as well this year, which is a wonderful liquid fertilizer for the plants .

Chillis, a pumpkin flower and spring onions in our Brighton garden