I have shifted the location of my bicycle journey website. It’s here: leonsteber.com/biketrip.

I have been working on making it into a book for a long time using Adobe Indesign to lay out the pages and using Blurb. Unfortunately, as is the case with publish-on-demand books, the price is quite high. The book at the moment runs to 240 pages, and that’s after editing it down from 280. The price for this from the blurb website is just a touch under £70 ($125 USD). Ridiculous. I’ll be buying a copy for myself just for nostalgia’s sake but wouldn’t expect anyone else to fork over that sort of cash.

So then I thought about this e-book thing that you can do but it makes me wonder why anyone would buy an e-book when they can read the whole thing online anyway.

Most of the struggle has been to do with the images. When I first got my slides developed I had them all scanned for web resolution. I enquired into the price of getting them rescanned but the total amount would have been another more ridiculous figure than the price of my book. So I’ve been in the slow process of photographing each slide with my macro lens. Not just once, but three times at different speedlight power settings so that all the details in the highlights and in the shadows can come out. So yes, it will take a long time before I finish this project…

I have enjoyed the book design part and learning a lot about typography along the way.

Here’s a few of the images I’ve finished: