We’ve been cooking heaps. I love having a proper sort of “winter” here and all the comfort foods that go with it. All of these below are gluten-free too.

Veggies for a stir fry
French Onion Soup:French Onion Soup
Grilled aubergine / eggplant:
Grilled aubergine / eggplant
Oh yeah, my wife is a fabulous cook by the way… This is the best vegetarian lasagne you will ever see. Unfortunately you won’t be able to have any as it’s all gone long ago.
Vegetarian Lasagne
Grilled mackerel with salsa and Sweet potato gratin (this was incredible!)
Grilled mackerel with salsa and Sweet potato gratin
The leftovers of grilled lamb chops:
The leftovers of grilled lamb chops
We’ve sort of pirated my Mum’s gingernuts recipe:
This is as much of James’s flourless chocolate cake I could manage to photograph. We have a set of rules regarding the bringing of food to our sibling’s places for meals. One is that if you brought food with you, you have to give up the leftovers to the hosts. Hence they only brought with them half a cake to last weekend’s dinner.
Flourless chocolate cake
And this is it post-consumption:
Flour-less chocolate cake post-consumption