A car trip through Spain.

Finished in Benacassim for an amazing couple of festival nights.


Spain buildings and cloudy sky

Driving in Spain

Driving in Spain

Stopping for photos of the Spain countryside

Spanish trip planning


Spanish doorway

Windmills by car

Back window cyclists

Old train tunnel

Sunlight through leaves

Spanish door knocker in the shape of a hand

Spanish hillside town

Spanish window


Spain hut

Castil de tierra, most famous landmark of Bardenas desert, in Spain

Castil de tierra, Bardenas desert, in Spain

El Toro

Leon graffiti

Bocairent castle wall

Bocairent houses

Dried grass, Bocairent

Bocairent at night

Spanish door knocker

Spanish alleyways

Night pool

Benacassim festival wrist band

The National, Benacassim

Ping pong table

Expensive drinks