Too much stuff…

BIKE: Trek 520 (2004)

  • Jandd front and rear expedition racks (aluminium)
  • Shimano pedals with clipless one side (salvaged from my old bike)
  • Brooks B17 leather saddle
  • Continental Top Touring tyres
  • Three waterbottle cages
  • Crank Brothers pump
  • Aero bars
  • Cateye speedometer
  • Shimano Clipless bike shoes
  • Giro helmet (I never go without one now) plus helmet mirror (after too many close shaves with logging trucks in Northern California)
  • Bike gloves
  • Ground sheet tarpaulin
  • Back pack (day use size)
  • 12 string acoustic guitar wrapped in garbage bags and covered with a rainproof backpack cover
  • Spare tyre wrapped around the guitar (usually carried for at least a month before changing tyres)

REAR LEFT PANNIER: Arkel GT-54 pannier with waterproof covers

  • Adventure Designs 1-man tent
  • Waterproof bag: Mountain Designs Travelite 650 Sleeping Bag, Cotton sleeping sheet (both from Oz)
  • Teva sandles
  • Rope
  • Emergency blanket
  • Medical kit
  • Small tarpaulin for bike
  • Toiletries
  • Stove fuel
  • Candle lamp and candles

FRONT RIGHT PANNIER: Arkel GT-30 pannier

  • Rainproof pants
  • Rain jacket (cheap and wind proof only)
  • Waterproof bag: Camera bag with Nikon F70 camera, 10 rolls E100VS slide film, 20mm Nikkor lens, 28-200mm Tamron lens, Sony MZ-NF810 minidisk and stereo microphone, minidisk charger, spare batteries
  • Journal
  • Maps

REAR RIGHT PANNIER: Arkel GT-54 pannier

  • Thermarest full-length sleeping mattress
  • Pura water purifier
  • Sneakers
  • Waterproof bag: 2 pairs of bike shorts, 2 pairs of bike shirts, good pants and shirt, tracksuit pants, casual shorts, 2 t-shirts, 3 pairs of Smartwool socks (these are brilliant and don’t stink too bad if not washed for a week), Smartwool jersey, warm jumper, 3 pairs of boxers, thermal undershirt, beanie, wide brim hat
  • Assorted cable ties, safety pins, duct tape, clips
  • Clothes line
  • Tools: 2 spare tubes, Swiss army knife, puncture repair kit, bike multi-tool, tyre levers, kevlar emergency spoke repair kit with spoke tool, small adjustable wrench, Allan keys
  • Passport, travellers cheques, US dollars, ID cards, emergency contact information, telephone contacts and National Parks Annual Pass (thanks Brooke and Stef)
  • Goretex waterproof socks and waterproof gloves (both bought in Fairbanks, absolutely hopeless)
  • Neoprene booties (many thanks to John in Telkwa, BC)
  • Ski face mask (bought in Alaska)

FRONT LEFT PANNIER: Arkel GT-30 pannier with waterproof covers

  • MSR 6-Litre heavy duty waterbag and shower attachment
  • Knitted wool gloves (old and holey)
  • Zip-lock bags in assorted sizes
  • Trangia stove, two pots, wind stopper (a present from the folks back in Oz and much appreciated)
  • Food: the following was pretty much always there: Bananas, Corn grits, Chili con carne in a tin, Snickers, mixed nuts, 5-min rice, rice cakes, peanut butter, salt/pepper/herbs/sugar, Nutella
  • Knife, spoon, cigerette lighter, matches
  • Plastic cutting board

HANDLEBAR BAG with map cover: REI

  • Lip balm, sunscreen, maps, betadine
  • Bandana
  • Zipka headlamp