Gluten-Free Crackers & Scones

15 Aug

15 August
Coeliac travel-friendly snacks
My Deviled Son-In-Law Eggs

4 Aug

4 August
A lunch inspired by the in-laws
Gluten-Free Tiramisu

2 Aug

2 August
Monica's afternoon making Tiramisu
Home Brew Gluten-Free Beer: Brewing with Malted Grains

9 Jul

9 July
Brewing the all-grain gluten-free home-brew beer using a brew-bag
Home Brew Gluten-Free Beer: Malting Grains

7 Jul

7 July
Making home-brew gluten-free beer using all my own malted grains
Alcoholic Ginger Beer Home Brew

7 May

7 May
Another attempt at ginger beer with a bit more of a punch
Gluten-Free Muffins

14 Apr

14 April
Coeliac-friendly muffins
Gluten-Free Home Brew Beer

31 Mar

31 March
Gluten-free Coeliac friendly home-brew beer
The Best Vegetarian Lasagne in the World

23 Mar

23 March
An understatement...
Gluten-Free Veggie Chili Recipe

16 Mar

16 March
Naturally gluten-free vegetarian chili recipe
Our Veggie Patch

20 Oct

20 October
Our backyard in spring
Gorgeous Ginger Beer Goodness Revisited

15 May

15 May
Gorgeous ginger beer
Gorgeous Ginger Beer Goodness

21 Apr

21 April
When lemons, ginger and a bit of carbon dioxide come together in a happy collision
Food, Glorious Food

9 Mar

9 March
What we've been cooking lately...